POP Austin International Art Show

October 13–16, 2016

Location: Fair Market
1100 East 5th Street
Austin, TX 78702

The POP Austin International Art Show hosts its third annual show in Austin TX at Fair Market, October 13–16, 2016. Since its conception, POP Austin has showcased some of the world’s most talented artists, creating an experience that transcends art to become that of a conversation-starting social movement. The unique model combines style, spectacle, cultural education, and taste to present today’s most compelling art in an accessible and engaging format. This year, four days of meticulously curated programming will entertain art enthusiasts and inspire attendees.

POP Austin is more than an art event.  It is a movement.  Over the years, POP Austin has carefully and thoughtfully designed architectures of experience.  By developing fully curated events in immersive and engaging environments, POP Austin has given birth to meaningful programming found nowhere else on earth.  Artists and art enthusiasts travel from around the world to enjoy a fusion of lifestyle and creative expression, which transcend all creative mediums and genres.

This year, POP Austin is excited to launch its new online art commerce platform, which will allow collectors to choose from an expertly curated selection of art.  POP Austin also offers art advisory services in addition to art investment and asset management consulting.

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